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Okuma 3D Virtual Monitor software provides accurate, 3-dimensional machining simulations based on the Okuma machine and the Okuma formatted cutting program you provide (or that is determined by our Advanced One-touch program). 3D Virtual Monitor uses the exact specifications of your Okuma machine in order to know, in advance, if your program will safely, quickly and accurately produce the desired part. Small errors in a cutting program can have a huge impact on productivity. Eliminate costly repairs and downtime using 3D Virtual Monitor to test and edit programs before they hit the machine.


Using 3D Virtual Monitor with your Okuma machine, you can:

  • Qualify tool lengths and holder types
  • Check and confirm synchronisation codes during simultaneous processes
  • Identify programming errors before they cause damage
  • Eliminate costly machine downtime for parts programming
  • Avoid machine repair costs
  • Save significant time and cost for first part prove-out
  • Complete multitasking verification
  • Provide safe tool change indexing
  • Worry-free cutoff and transfer operations
  • Simulate turret synchronisations quickly and efficiently
  • Simulate complex milling machining operations
  • Duplicate machine alarm on PC and address any issue at your desk, allowing production on shop floor to continue
  • Interact with the machine model, both in 3D Virtual Monitor and Collision Avoidance Software, using the “built-in” utility program, Easy Modeling.
  • Perform all the tasks regarding Chuck / Jaws / Workpiece / Toolings, offline. This is the PC equivalent of CAS. Create and manage model definition files offline, and simply transfer the data to the actual machine tool.