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Full circle performance enhancement features are unique to Okuma. Because we make every inch of our machines and controls, we can create applications highly tailored to enhance performance. By leveraging the power of the OSP control, Okuma has enriched its machines and controls with Okuma’s Intelligent Technology.

Csm Thermo Friendly Sanstype 9528e3e25a

Thermo-Friendly Concept

Responds to heat in certain manageable directions. Coupled with very accurate thermal deformation compensation, TFC achieves highly stable accuracy over long, continuous runs.

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Csm Collision Avoidance Sanstype 29a6ce1607

Collision Avoidance System

Control-based system to detect and work toward preventing potential collisions.

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Csm Machining Navi Sanstype 745249a623

Machining Navi

Assists operator by recommending optimal cutting conditions and speeds to suppress chatter.

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Csm 5Axis AutoTuning Sanstype 5af1cd3de8

5-Axis Auto Tuning System

Measures geometric errors using a touch probe and datum sphere, and performs compensation using the measured results to tune motion accuracy on 5-axis machines.

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Csm Servo Navi Sanstype 8edf08470d


High-precision technology that improves cycle times and accuracy when machining heavy parts.

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