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Dramatically greater machining efficiency with OSP suite

Okuma is the only full-service provider of CNC machining solutions who manufactures own CNC control systems. Okuma’s latest CNC controller, the OSP suite, is an open system that combines Okuma’s Intelligent Technology with various software applications. True to Okuma’s brand message “Open Possibilities”, users can develop and smoothly integrate own as well as third-party applications into the control interface, opening up exceptional opportunities.

The new interface is individually configurable for up to three operators. Users can freely organise the menus, apply shortcuts and add their own widgets. More than 30 different suite apps are ready for use with immediate access to necessary information and data. Custom PDFs can be saved in the library in addition to Okuma manuals, with a useful search function integrated. 3D PDF created to visualise complex parts for faster understanding of the geometries help operators to shorten the setup time. The ECO suite combines highly advanced energy saving features with the machine idling stop function, taking into account additional equipment. As a result, the OSP suite brings about an extreme increase in machining efficiency and makes a valuable contribution towards cost reduction.

Suite: Intelligent Technology

A suite to maximise productivity and visualise operations – centred around the Thermo-Friendly Concept, Collision Avoidance System, Machining Navi, and 5-Axis Auto Tuning System.

Suite: Digital Manufacturing

A suite of premium applications to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

ECO suite

A fusion of intelligent and energy-saving technologies and an idling stop function for machine tools.