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The OSP Virus Protection System (OSP-VPS) embeds a virus scanning application programming interface (VSAPI) from Trend Micro in Okuma OSP-P controls (OSP-P300/P200A/P200/P20) to prevent infection by viruses from networks or USB flash drives. This is an indispensable virus protection system for users who exchange data at risk of viral infection and users who can use only trusted devices.


  • Reliability: Prior to distribution of virus pattern file and search engine updates, operations are verified in advance by Okuma to prevent CNC software detection errors.
  • Maintainability: The system issues an alarm when a virus is detected. On the display screen, the user can easily check the corrective actions taken.
  • Safety: Virus scans are performed after completion of automatic and MDI operations to prevent slowing of screen responses due to scheduled virus scans (real-time scans continue even during automatic and MDI operations).
  • Usability: Pattern file and search engine updates can be done either manually via the user’s PC or automatically via the Internet.