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Reduced Manpower, Increased Efficiency

The Okuma container PALLETACE features a complete FMS installed inside a container that was specifically designed to work with Okuma horizontal machining centres. Every container system comes with the necessary equipment for a fully integrated automated pallet storage and handling system, one that is unrivalled in today’s market. The key word in any flexible manufacturing system is “flexible”. Pre-assembled and factory-tested prior to shipment, the Okuma container pallet system can be configured with up to two containers, two Okuma horizontal machining centres, and two load stations – or any combination in between. This adjustable alternative allows shops to address today’s production demands while allowing for system expansion in the future. Designed to cater specifically to leaner manufacturing objectives, every container system comes in a compact and safe design, with ergonomic loading stations and safety doors to protect the operator from FMS motion. It is the same attention to detail that Okuma is celebrated for, but now in one streamlined system.