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Less Setup, More Productivity

The Okuma modular PALLETACE is a standard FMS that can utilise one or multiple Okuma machining centres. Offering unmatched flexibility, the system can be upgraded at any time with additional load stations and pallet locations to suit ever-evolving production needs. Modular construction makes expansion simple. The Okuma modular system consists of a high-speed stacker crane, two or three levels of pallet storage locations to maximise floor space, and the easy-to-use Okuma cell controller. From a central location, a single operator can control production. This level of automatic order processing and job management creates optimal manufacturing conditions, ultimately maximising spindle utilisation and productivity. With a high degree of intelligence and the ability to expand to 300 pallet locations, ten machines and four work stations, the modular version is an all-in-one system that uses less floor space, allows for last-minute production changes and comes equipped with the safety features expected of all Okuma products.