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Renowned for uncompromising precision, Okuma has always produced the highest quality machine tools in the industry. Now paired with an Okuma pallet system, that same high standard of craftsmanship can be streamlined to fit any manufacturing need with unprecedented efficiency.

Imagine the benefits of creating precision-crafted components, but within a fully compatible FMS that provides unparalleled control – without any degradation. Though standalone machining centres deliver high production rates, in some cases they only operate for a third of the available hours in a year, which obviously means they are not being used to their full capacity. A machine’s efficiency can be eroded over time by setup, programming and loading.

Utilising an Okuma PALLETACE system can alleviate the breaks in efficiency caused by the need for human intervention. Leaner initiatives have forced the smallest shops, and even the largest manufacturing facilities, to reevaluate their current processes in an attempt to maintain their production schedules in the most cost-effective manner possible.

With an Okuma pallet system, in many cases a single operator can manage the entire system. This translates to a lower burden rate, along with lower operating costs. For businesses trying to balance their production line with the bottom line, there is no better solution.

Try the PALLETACE online calculator to see how PALLETACE can improve your bottom line. This unique tool uses your unique productivity inputs to provide you with an estimated return-on-investment.