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Though Super-NURBS sounds 21st century, the concept actually dates back to the middle of the previous one. Initially developed as a mathematical way to regenerate freeform curves and shapes (e.g. car bodies and ship hulls), in manufacturing, it is now utilised in most CAD software packages, along with CAM systems.

The “NURBS” part of Super-NURBS stands for Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline, but we added the “super” to ours because it adds a higher degree of accuracy when the surface being machined has complex shapes or large changes of diameter within a short linear distance. With Super-NURBS, it all comes down to controlling – and really shortening – the feedback loop.

The OSP control projects a predetermined tolerance band that creates a spline considered to be the best fit for the job. This eliminates redundancies and allows for a smoother tool path. With less data to process, movements are sped up – but the highest level of accuracy is maintained to create quality surface finishes.

Super-NURBS is another prime example of Okuma’s commitment to mechatronics. From routine parts to complex free forms, this high-speed CNC function guarantees the greatest levels of machining accuracy and product precision in up to half the time it takes conventional technology. This translates to increased throughput: raw material that comes in through the back door and goes out the front door much faster.


  • Adds a higher degree of accuracy for surfaces with complex shapes or large changes of diameter within a short linear distance
  • Eliminates redundancies which allows for a smoother and swifter tool path
  • Guarantees high machining accuracy and finish quality in half the time it takes conventional technology
  • Grants a greater level of control – and effectively shortening – the feedback loop
  • Increases throughput since raw material is processed in shorter timeframes
  • Potentially eliminates the long and costly step of hand finishing, polishing or grinding