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We are always looking for new ways to maximise a horizontal machining centre’s capabilities. Turn-Cut, a programming option born from our philosophy of manufacturing both control and machine, allows for the creation of surfaces that taper, arc, or have any varying diameter shapes along the Z-axis of a work piece on a standard CNC machining platform. In other words, it is another Okuma technology that allows you to get far more out of your machining centre, especially when the need arises to create valves, pipes and manifold-type parts.

Designed for applications that would traditionally require a CNC lathe to turn a feature, Turn-Cut eliminates the need to purchase such special purpose machines, along with any additional tooling, fixtures or add on components. In many cases, a part’s size, shape or weight makes it impossible to set up on a lathe anyway; but with Turn-Cut, large, awkwardly shaped and unbalanced parts remain stationary as a new tool path is created.

Since Turn-Cut synchronises the X and Y circular motion with the spindle angle, the tool edge maintains that newly programmed path for the duration of the job. And above and beyond this newfound ability and efficiency, in nearly all cases the additional options that come with the Turn-Cut package make the machine perform more consistently – even for applications that do not require Turn-Cut.

If you are looking to integrate seamlessly with tooling already developed and readily available, and to enhance your machine without piling on additional components and crippling weight that can restrict normal CNC machining operations, then Turn-Cut represents the perfect choice. Of course, since it eliminates the need to purchase an additional machine, and frees up vital floor space, it is an easy choice, too.


  • Provides process optimization capabilities without a large investment in specialized tooling, attachments or secondary machines
  • Makes the machine perform more consistently and accurately, even in applications that do not require Turn-Cut capability
  • Reduces setup times because no additional fixturing is needed and parts do not have to be moved to separate machines
  • Eliminates the need for expensive index chucks used for the manufacturing of small valves or tees
  • Frees up more floor space because an additional machine is not needed to complete turning applications